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Sherrie Gallegos

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Dear Johnson Families,

We are well into the new school year.  I wanted to share a little about PEAKS and character education, safety and discipline.

Johnson takes pride in the collective work we have done around character education.  Over the past few years we have been recognized for many Promising Practice strategies that have a direct positive effect on student behavior.  At Johnson we use the acronym PEAKS to teach positive behaviors. 

  • I show PRIDE in myself and my school.
  • I show my best EFFORT every day, in everything I do.
  • I am AWARE of my actions and how they affect myself and others.
  • I can show KINDNESS through my actions and words.
  • I can follow the rules to keep myself and others SAFE.

Currently we have a K-5 student population of 592 students with an additional 30 students in our preschool program.  We also have 35 certified teachers, specialists and many other paraprofessionals, office and custodial staff on campus.  Throughout the day, we work diligently to keep approximately 700 students and staff safe.  We have current safety plans that are in compliance with district and state policy.  This year we have monthly fire evacuation drills as well as quarterly lockdown drills.  We follow the Standard Response Protocol for Evacuations, Lockdowns, Lockouts and Shelter in Place.  Additionally, Johnson, as well as other schools in the district, are working with district and state personnel to review and update our crisis plan(s).  When you are on campus you will see many of our staff with SchoolSafe radios for communication.  We also request all visitors to check-in at the front office and receive a visitors badge before entering the main building. 

I handle most discipline at Johnson Elementary School. My incolvement does not necessarily mean that you need to contact me. However, your active participation in supporting positive students behavior is always welcome. Students who are in need of minor redirection may receive a White Slip that will go home with the student for a parent signature and then should be returned to school the following day. I am not involved at this point.If a student receives 3 White Slips in a week they will receive a Pink Slip, which is when I get involved and a parent phone call is made home.  Pink Slips are also given immediately for major behaviors that include, but are not limited to: verbal or physical aggression or threats, weapons or perceived weapons, drugs/alcohol, defiance, abusive language, physical harassment, mean & cruel behavior, bullying, theft, or destruction of property. 

If a student has a code of conduct referral (Pink Slip) we use a 4 step approach when working with the student(s) involved: Own It, Fix It, Learn from It, and Move On.  We work with the student(s) to make restitution to the person(s) harmed and repair the broken relationship(s).  Additionally, when conflict continues we use a Restorative Justice Conference process to bring students together to resolve conflict in a safe and trusted environment. 

At Johnson we work hard to teach students the difference between bullying and mean & cruel behaviors.  Mean & cruel behaviors can be physical or verbal and are generally a one-time incident between students.  Bullying is defined as physical or verbal aggression or harassment that is targeted to a specific individual and occurs more than once over time.  We teach them about reporting to adults and how they can report online to both and  Look for Sprigeo posters as you walk our halls.

Johnson takes pride in providing a safe, friendly and trusted environment where all students have the opportunity to learn. Our incident reports have been on a steady decline for the last two years. We believe this is due to our commitment to character education and by holding kids accountable to high expectations for their behavior.

As we continue to move through the school year, please feel free to contact me by email or set up an appointment to meet in person if you have any questions or concerns. 

Have a great year!


Sherrie Gallegos

Assistant Principal

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