6 ways you can contribute to Johnson in your everyday life

#1:  Box Tops: This is by far the easiest way to help the school. Box tops are found on a variety of  foods we buy every day at the grocery store. All you have to do is cut them off the box and bring them to school as often as you like, the classes hold contest on who can bring in the most box tops. For every box top thrown in the trash it is like throwing away TEN CENTS. Now who is going to throw away a DIME? 

#2  Coke Rewards: Are you a coke drinker? Save those bottle tops (from the 20 oz or larger bottles or inside the box of the 12 packs) and bring them to school. There is a code on the inside of that bottle top that will bring in money for the school.

#3 Office Depot: When you purchase items at Office Depot, simply tell them you would like your purchases to go towards Johnson Elementary School. That’s it! Nothing to set up or join.

#4  City Market:     This one is fantastic and just like your gas points it adds up without you even knowing it. There are just  a few easy steps to follow on, and the $$$ will start adding up when you buy your groceries. The steps are as follows:

Þ Enroll or log into (to enroll you just need an email and password), you will need your shoppers card to access your member number

Þ At the top there is a tab that says “community rewards” click that and scroll down to “enroll now” click

Þ It will ask you what organization you wish to contribute to, just type in JOHNSON ELEMENTARY or the code 10250, select the only one available and then at the bottom click “enroll”

Þ YOU’RE DONE, now every time you shop at City Market you will be earning Johnson $$.

#5: Do you have ink cartridge laying around and aren’t sure how to dispose of them? Bring them to the school. Mrs. Helkin our computer teacher will send them off for proper disposal and we will earn cash for them.  We will accept anything from ink jet to laser jet to the cartridges from your work printers.

#6: Dining out: TWICE  a month you have the opportunity to let someone else do the cooking.  We have started working with Chili’s here locally.  All you have to do is go eat. Let your server know you are there to support Johnson Elementary School. The dates might vary a little bit but those dates will always be sent home with your child prior to the event.        Bon Appetit!